Great River EQ-2NV


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The EQ-2NV and EQ-1NV equalizers are loosely based on the topology of vintage 1081/1083 models. The newly-designed class A, discrete single-ended amplifiers in the EQ-NV Series bring greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality and control of the 108x models. The line input is a transformer coupled bridging type, with sensitivity options ranging from elevated line level (+8dbm) down to keyboard and semi-pro levels(-20dbm).


NV Series Preamplifiers — Standalone

The equalizer is specifically designed to work with the NV series microphone preamplifiers’ patch loop, for significantly greater headroom at one end, a lower overall noise floor, and overall greater musicality. When connected via the EQ-2NV’s patchpoint, the microphone and DI inputs are fully functional, as well as the level control, metering and “big iron” of the MP-2NV’s output amplifier. The equalizer also has a dis-crete class A balanced output stage, which allows it to function as a complete stand-alone device. It is available in single or dual channel models. Features


* Discrete, Class A design

* Internal low-noise power supply

* Balanced line in, balanced line out

* NV Series microphone preamplifier patch connection

* Wide range of input sensitivity

* 4 bands independently enabled with +/-15db boost/cut

* 3rd order high pass filter

* Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving

* Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions

* Hardwire bypass of equalizer section

* 110 or 220 volt operation

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