Golden Age COMP 3A



1-channel Solid-state Electro-optical Compressor with Program-dependent Attack and Release Times, XLR and TRS I/O.

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Golden Age Project


Golden Age Comp 3A

The original LA-3A Audio Leveler made its debut in 1969 and was an instant hit. Studio engineers loved the half-rackspace solid-state electro-optical compressor for the punchy dynamic control it delivered on electric bass, guitars, and just about any other source. The Golden Age Comp 3A re-creates the circuitry, sonics, behavior, and form factor of the classic – and it’s delightfully affordable. The vintage-style circuit uses no ICs. The I/O is transformer balanced. And the sound? Warm and deliciously musical. Treat yourself to classic compression, with the Golden Age Comp-3A.

Golden Age Comp 3A Features:

  • Vintage-style circuitry with no integrated circuits
  • Transformer-balanced I/O
  • Capable of driving most balanced or unbalanced loads
  • Internal jumper for selectable output-transformer loading
    • Lets you vary high-frequency response
  • Employs classic T4-style electro-optical attenuator for gain control
  • Program-dependent attack and release times
  • Easy 2-control operation: Gain, Peak Reduction
  • HF control increases sidechain circuit sensitivity to mid- and high-frequency content
  • Large meter selectable between gain reduction and output level at 2 reference levels
  • Hardwired bypass switch for 1-touch in/out comparison
  • XLR and TRS I/O for flexible connectivity
  • Link switch and jack for stereo operation with another Comp-3A
  • External power supply (no interaction with audio circuitry)
  • Classic sound, ideal for most sources and music styles
  • Rugged build quality will provide many years of service
  • Compact, 2RU half-rackspace chassis