Unity Audio Mini-Rock 2 Way Active Monitor


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Unity Audio


Unity Audio Mini-Rock 2 Way Active Monitor

Unity Audio launched their new Mini-Rock 2 way active monitor at the 2018 NAMM show. As the name implies, this new addition represents the smallest model in the company’s professional active monitor range to date measuring 279mm high, 184 mm wide, 256 mm deep, (10.98″ high x 7.24″ wide x 10.07″ deep).

Sealed Aperiodic Vent Cabinet Design

The cabinet is of course a sealed design like all the models in the Unity Audio range in order to accurately reproduce low frequencies with superior transient response and without any phase/timing anomalies associated with other designs. The Mini-Rock is also the first monitor in the range with the exception of the Avalanche sub-woofer that uses a split dual-chamber cabinet with Aperiodic Vent. This delivers all the benefits of a sealed cabinet such as zero port noise and tight fast accurate bass reproduction. It also significantly increases the bass response available from a smaller cabinet design.

Folded Jet 5 Ribbon Tweeter

The Mini-Rock shares the same 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter that is used in the larger Rock and Boulder models *

Folded Jet 5 Ribbon Tweeter

This high frequency driver enthrals with its lightning-fast response and wide dynamic range, offering minimal distortion, lots of headroom and a distinctly wider frequency range than conventional dome tweeters. The results are a transparent and effortless sound image which is non-fatiguing at any level and for long intense monitoring periods.

The JET tweeter was developed to perfection on the basis of the famous Air Motion Transformer by loudspeaker pioneer Dr. Oskar Heil. Its operating principle is based on a concertinaed-foil membrane, driven by a strong magnet system of neodymium rods. This motor drives the air considerably faster than the pistonic motion of a conventional driver, with gains in higher sensitivity and extraordinary dynamics. Due to many additional design changes, including special patented gluing and surface processes, improved new neodymium magnet system, even higher efficiency, higher sound pressure levels and frequency response up to 50 kHz was achieved.

The core of the JET tweeter is the folded foil membrane. With a fold width of only 0.84 mm, a major requirement in the JET production is precision. To guarantee repeated accuracy and unchanging quality even with high production capacity, gluing and handling are now executed by two SCARA robots. The folding and fixing of the membrane, however, are executed by hand, since for production steps requiring extreme precision, the manual dexterity of skilled technicians is irreplaceable. Due to continuous improvement, the JET 5 tweeter creates an effortless, airy and resonance-free image up to 50,000 Hz.

Crystal Membrane Woofer

Crystal Membrane Woofer

A new crystal membrane woofer measuring 150mm ( 5¾” ) has been selected. This eye-catching surface of the crystal membrane is more than just an attractive design feature. The crystal-shaped inverse aluminium dome is joined to a paper cone in a special gluing process to result in the desired sandwich construction. The crystal cone aluminium-foil stamping stiffens the aluminium dome, diminishing resonances and minimising coloration, while improving power handling and dynamics. The voice coil design of the woofer results in an expanded frequency range, and driver surround allows for longer cone excursions for truly prodigious volume and lowest distortion, a unique engineering achievement for a driver of its size.


On the rear panel the Mini-Rock has a balanced XLR input connector and stepped volume control feeding a dedicated custom designed crossover stage. Using high quality expensive IC chips to ensure the audio signal path isn’t compromised the crossover is at 2.7kHz 4th order Linkwist-Riley design.


The Mini-Rock uses two 180 watt Class D amplifiers one per drive unit which also includes DC protection. The Class D power supply provides switchable 115v-230v operation.


For the fix installation market the Mini-Rock is an ideal choice as it offers two mounting possibilities, either a yoke or wall bracket.


YokeThe yoke mounting points allow for flying the Mini-Rock and the mounting points for the yoke are on either side of the cabinet providing both swivel and tilt for perfect positioning.


Wall bracketThe other mounting option for the Mini-Rock is the ua/mini-rock-bracket which mounts onto the rear metal panel of the cabinet and attached by using the four M6 Allen bolts which are already fitted to the Mini-Rock as standard.

This bracket can be fixed to a wall and allows for 30 degrees of tilt and 150 degrees of rotation.

  • 50kHz Folded Ribbon Tweeter
  • 5¾” / 150mm Crystal Membrane Woofer
  • Sealed MDF Aperiodic Vent split cabinet design
  • 2x 180 watt Class D amplifiers
  • Cabinet side mounting points for OEM Yokes
  • Rear panel mounting holes for Type 50 speaker brackets
  • 256mm deep x 184mm wide x 279mm high
  • 6.5Kg
“I’m absolutely delighted with the new Mini-Rock! It’s blown me away and has turned out better than I ever dreamed of, sounding way bigger than it looks. It’s nicely balanced, offering lots of detail to make informed decisions with realistic un-hyped low frequency extension for a small cabinet but also a joy to listen to at the same time. The stereo imaging, staging and placement is outstanding, with a 3D like quality to ambience and reverb tails.”

Company owner Kevin Walker

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* ( Boulder uses a unique coaxial version with 5″ mid-range driver & 50 kHz folded ribbon )