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Ex Machina Soundworks Supernova Studio Monitors (pair)

Loud and clear easily describes the performance you’ll experience, Hope that your neighbors love your music as well.

The flagship of our range, Supernova is designed primarily for soffit mounted mains applications in large facilities.  Featuring a whopping six subwoofer units, Supernova is capable of massive output at ultra-low frequencies. Supernova’s not all brawn though – a unique, hexagonal low frequency driver arrangement around our signature coaxial allows it to behave as a triaxial, producing a true hemispherical wavefront across its entire range.  Combined with the same game-changing driver design, materials science and DSP correction as our smaller monitors, your soffits aren’t just for knock anymore – Supernova will rival and surpass the finest mastering mains in the world for accuracy as well.

Cabinet: Our cabinets are made from a high performance wood composite called Valchromat.  Its exceptional rigidity, density, and damping characteristics make our enclosures far more acoustically inert than standard MDF or plywood cabinets.

In addition, the front and side panels use 30mm thick sheet stock, which allows us to apply a full 1” radius to the front baffle, dramatically reducing baffle diffraction artifacts.

Finally, all our cabinets are sealed, which allows our proprietary correction algorithm to flatten both magnitude and phase response all the way to the bottom octaves.

Coaxial: Our signature driver is our 6.5” coaxial mid/tweet.

The tweeter is a 25mm, optimized dome made from Ora GrapheneQ, the first free-standing graphene oxide diaphragm ever deployed in a loudspeaker.  This revolutionary material that defies traditional expectations, producing a diaphragm that is both stiff and well damped. GrapheneQ is not only as well damped as silk or paper, but also has a better stiffness to weight ratio than titanium. It remains a perfect piston past 30khz and exhibits a well controlled breakup beyond that.

Exceptionally detailed yet effortlessly non-fatiguing, with a far wider sweet spot than an AMT or ribbon tweeter.

The midrange is made from a similarly cutting edge material called Textreme, an extremely light and rigid thin-ply carbon fiber whose fiber orientation has been tuned to push the breakup of our cones over two octaves past our in-use passband.

The geometry of the midrange makes it an optimal constant directivity waveguide for the tweeter. Combined with a unique underhung surround, this design gives our loudspeakers their exceptional off-axis performance.

Subwoofer: A collaboration with SEAS, our 8” subwoofers are capable of 28mm of peak to peak linear, highly symmetrical excursion and double that before damage. This gives them a shocking amount of output and exceptionally low distortion in our sealed enclosures.

A resonant frequency of 24hz, they can reach as deep as most 12-15” subs. And with massive 2” voice coils and titanium formers, they can happily take 250 watts of continuous power all day, every day. SuperNova deploys six of them per side in a ring around the center coaxial, which in soffit allows them to produce a perfect hemispherical wavefront.  It also makes them capable of getting loud. Very loud. Like, 112db at 20hz loud. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sealed Enclosure – The exceptional linear excursion performance of our drivers obviates the need for ports or transmission lines. This in turn eliminates the group delay, turbulence, and compression of these more typical cabinet alignments, allowing our DSP to fully linearize the phase all the way down to the low frequency extension limits of the driver itself.

SpeakON Quick Change System – Pre-soldered SpeakON pigtail leads are fitted to all our drivers and the Neutrik NL4MP panel mount pass through maintains airtight, mechanically and electrically sound connection to the amplifier chamber while allowing for effortless field servicing.

Boundary – By default the Supernova is intended and corrected for in-wall soffit deployment.

DSP/Conversion – As our correction process is computationally demanding, each speaker is fitted with its own SHARC DSP and high performance conversion. Very low jitter reclocking, high performance analog circuitry and AKM Velvet Sound conversion contribute to the sonic transparency of our DSP hardware and conversion stages.

Amplification – The Hypex Ncore NC252MP and NC502MP modules provide everything you could ask for in an amplifier – vanishingly low distortion, superb efficiency, negligible output impedance, wide-band frequency response and phase/magnitude linearity and a healthy 1500 total watts of output power per channel.

Processing Modes – “Full” deploys our high precision, proprietary DSP linearization for both phase and magnitude response, at the expense of 40ms of latency.

“Low Latency” deploys a more traditional IIR based correction for magnitude response only, but only introduces 3ms of latency. This can be useful for tracking applications.

S/N and Calibration Tag – Each speaker is individually measured, calibrated and corrected by one of our senior engineers in house, and signed once it passes our stringent tolerance requirements. Consecutive serial numbers are not required for stereo or surround matching.

  • Magnitude Linearity: +/- 1db 20hz – 30khz
  • Phase Linearity: +/- 15° 35hz – 30khz
  • Maximum Continuous SPL (per pair at 1m): 112db at 20hz, 121db 100hz – 30khz
  • THD+N (94db at 1m): less than .5% 100hz – 30khz
  • Directivity Index: 90° conical coherence

Driver Complement

  • 1”/25mm Ora GrapheneQ tweeter, coaxial arrangement with midrange
  • 6.5”/176mm Textreme thin-ply woven carbon fiber midrange, underhung surround, FEA optimized tweeter waveguide
  • Six 8”/221mm long throw aluminum alloy subwoofers


  • Hypex Ncore – 1500W RMS Subwoofer, 125W Midrange, 125W RMS Tweeter


  • 200hz, 2khz
  • 8th order, phase corrected

Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • 810 x 743 x 335 mm (31.9 x 29.25 x 13.2 inches)


  • 92.5kg / 204lbs per speaker