Crumar Mojo Suit Case Double Manual Organ – Limited Black Edition


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Crumar Mojo Suit Case Double Manual Organ – Limited Black Edition

2 x 61-key Clonewheel Organ with Vintage Tonewheel Organ Models, 2 Groups of 9 Drawbars + 2 Pedal Drawbars, Vibrato and Chorus, Rotary Speaker Emulation, MIDI and USB, Balanced Stereo Outs, Headphone Jack, and Suitcase-style Lid and Handles – Black

Clonewheel Classic in a Different Dress

The Mojo Suitcase takes Crumar’s latest dual-manual clonewheel organ and gives it a ’70s-style rock ’n’ roll makeover. The Mojo Suitcase carries forward the tradition of its predecessor, the Mojo XT, with a new cutting-edge DSP platform and a sleek new design. Powered by the renowned GSi VB3-II tonewheel simulation, the new Mojo Suitcase perfectly captures the authentic response and tone of the most coveted vintage A-, B-, and C-series tonewheel organs, letting you save and recall those settings at an instant. The Crumar Mojo Suitcase is the ultimate portable clonewheel, thanks to its suitcase-style lid and convenient handles. It’s elegant, easy to use, and most importantly, its drawbars, knobs, switches, and waterfall keys feel like the real deal. From juicy rhythms with chunky overdrive to wailing leads with lifelike percussion effects, the Mojo Suitcase has the essential sounds players will love for blues, jazz, rock, and gospel music. The realistic onboard stereo rotary speaker simulator is a stunning emulation of a classic and is a great way to add depth and drama to your recordings and live sets.

Mojo evolution

When it comes to digital clonewheel organs, Crumar may control the high ground; but they’re not resting on their laurels. Since the first Mojo in 2012, the Mojo line has accumulated a loyal following among serious professional organists, and Crumar has been listening to their feature requests and incorporating these upgrades into each iteration of this modern classic. Many keyboard players wanted to be able to use their Mojo as a controller keyboard, so the Crumar added advanced USB-MIDI functionality to their XT. The Mojo Suitcase inherits all these refinements, along with a new state-of-the-art DSP engine hosting the next-generation GSi VB3-II tonewheel emulation. All of which makes the Mojo Suitcase a force to be reckoned with, both onstage and in the studio.

Realistic tonewheel organs with powerful shaping controls

It’s hard to beat a classic tonewheel organ for jazz, blues, and classic rock. And perhaps even tougher to re-create one through samples. That’s why Crumar of Italy resorted to tone modeling to capture the sought-after vintage sounds in its Mojo Suitcase clonewheel. The Mojo Suitcase’s onboard tone generators re-create the characteristics of actual vintage organs, and even let you create your own for a totally unique sound. Two groups of nine authentic physical drawbars will have you customizing your tone in seconds. Then add in spring/digital reverb, chorus, or vibrato for depth; or dial in overdrive to give your parts additional girth, presence, and grit.

The classic feel of waterfall keys

Quality crafted in Italy, the Crumar Mojo Suitcase is built tour-tough for years of faithful service. This country is famous for their world-class keybeds, so naturally, Crumar paid special attention to the design and manufacture of the instrument’s most intricate moving parts. These waterfall keys, with their comfortable, gently rounded edges, nail the feel and response of the revered keyboards on the legendary tonewheels, allowing you to perform smooth palm glissandos without damaging the keybed — or your hands. Sweetwater keyboardists know that seasoned players will appreciate the work Crumar has done to create an authentic playing experience in its Mojo Suitcase. Simply put: it feels fantastic!

Crumar Mojo Suitcase Dual-Manual Organ Features:

  • Suitcase-style lid and handles with limited-edition black finish
  • New cutting-edge DSP platform with GSi VB3-II tonewheel emulation
  • 2 x 61-note waterfall semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keyboards
  • Physical Modeling tonewheel organ synthesis
  • Rotary speaker simulation; stereo digital reverb
  • 2 groups of 9 real drawbars, plus 2 pedalboard drawbars
  • Knobs for Volume, Drive, Reverb, Keyclick, Cross Talk, Percussion Volume, Balance, Distance, Bass, Middle, and Treble
  • 4 dedicated buttons for Tonewheel organ percussion
  • Dedicated buttons for Vibrato on/off
  • Vibrato Type knob
  • Drawbar Hold mode for alternate drawbar settings
  • 2 drawbar presets per manual with easy storage mode
  • Dedicated button for rotary effect speeds
  • Pedal to lower function (adds the sound of pedalboard to lower manual)
  • Shift button for alternate functions (transpose, rotary bypass)
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O
  • USB Type B (device) for MIDI IN/OUT
  • 2 USB Type A (host) for software updates and Wi-Fi module
  • Balanced Audio outputs; Headphone jack
  • Expression and Sustain pedal jacks
  • Halfmoon or footswitch input with dedicated selector
  • Designed and crafted in Italy