Chandler TG Rack Mini Mixer

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Chandler Limited


The Chandler Limited Mini Mixer is the culmination of Chandler’s experience working with many types of vintage, discrete circuits. The Mini Rack Mixer traces its lineage back to several types of these amplifiers developed in the 60’s and 70’s that have been Chandlerized for modern usage.

Each Channel of the 16×2 Mixer is transformer balanced and driven by the New Chandler Line Amp, which borrows from Chandler’s other products but has been redesigned for use in this mixer. The Mini Mixer is jam-packed with discrete amps and classic sound, 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers in the unit, and delivering all the punch and tone you need for todays digital environment.

In addition to the mixer section, the unit has a full featured Control Room section including Talkback, Speaker switching, Mute, Mono, Dim, External input (also used as an insert point), and separate Control Room and Stereo Buss outs. Mixers are easily expandable to 32 channels or more. Please inquire with Chandler Limited or your dealer.

“The Chandler was slightly warmer, but the difference between them was too close to call. Considering this huge API console once sold for more than $200k, I was impressed at the similarity of their performance.”
– Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine, Sept 2005

“My first impression was that the difference that the Mini Rack Mixer makes is bigger than the difference mastering makes…because of its 100% discrete design, Class-A line amps, transformer balanced I/O-and the resulting sound quality-it has no real competition short of a vintage Neve console.”
– Mike Caffery, Tape Op, Sept/Oct 2005

“We weren’t necessarily in the market for another mixer, but we’ve learned that it’s definitely worthwhile to check out anything Chandler is coming out with! It’s such a well thought out and designed unit and like everything Chandler makes, it sounds awesome. It seems everything sounds better when run through the Chandler line amps! It’s incredibly versatile and useful as a sidecar, line mixer or summing device plus it’s great to have as the control section for a Pro Tools room.”
– Billy Bush, engineer for Garbage and Butch Vig

“…gotta say it does sound amazing. It is a beautiful piece of gear……..and made a huge difference as soon as I was able to split out multiple tracks and recombine thru a proper stereo buss….it sounded warm and really fat…it made my speakers come alive! my mix sounded clearer and the vocal had especially nice detail………..Also, it’s very easy to use….”
– Joe Barresi

I am absolutely stunned by your mixer. It may be sacrilegious to say, but the Chandler has become my preferred choice in virtually every instance that I have would normally desired a vintage Neve console (in fact, I ditched the one I previously had). This makes absolutely no sense to me, hence I would suggest that you have made some sort of pact with Satan to fabricate such a thing. Heaven help you, but thanks all the same for creating such a remarkable recording device.
– Michael Beinhorn

All Mixer units require and function on the PSU-2, Chandler Limited power supply.

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