API 2448 Recording and Mixing Console


24/32/40-channel analog console featuring dual-inputs per channel built to API’s standard of excellence – Final Touch automation, and preamps/EQ loaded into each channel

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API 2448 Recording and Mixing Console

API remains at the forefront of the analog console domain with their newest offering – the API 2448 Console. Drawing on the heritage of their classic 2488 console, which dominated the LA recording world in the 70s & 80s, API has brought out a worthy successor to the legend. The 2448 is a fully analog, 24/32/40 Channel inline console that injects a host of modern features into the rich history of API console design. All analog, all day long – enter a realm that API knows like no other.

The API 2448 features a twin audio path design: 2 complete audio paths in every channel, for true ‘inline’ simultaneous analog tracking and monitoring.

Each channel on the 2448 consists of two signal paths, known as the Large Fader Path (for initial input and tracking) and the Small Fader Path (for playback monitoring). The combination of the two, along with the 4 Stereo Returns, provides 56 channels of audio for mixdown via the Program Bus. Both of these paths are contained in the 648C channel module, and either path can be used for tracking or mixing, depending on the needs of the user.

The Large Fader Path provides everything you need to track and assign your audio signals. Employing a variation on the classic API 212L mic pre, the preamp section provides the essential tools of 48 V phantom power, a -20 dB pad, a peak input LED, and up to +55 dB of gain.

The Small Fader Path provides everything you need to mix your audio signals. Its overall level control (up to +10 dB of gain) is accomplished with a rotary potentiometer, rather than a sliding fader. This can be disabled to allow audio to pass at unity gain.

The API 2448 comes equipped with 1550A Parametric Equalizers, and 560 Graphic Equalizers. Enjoy the best of both worlds with API’s two flagship EQ’s to shape your sound any way you want.

The 2448 provides a meter bridge with full analog VU metering, in a classic black/red scale on a yellow background for easy visibility. All Input channels have a medium-size VU meter, with the first 8 doubling as meters for the Summing Buses. Over the Master Section, the 8 Auxes & 4 Stereo Returns have their own set of small meters, while the Stereo Program Bus is displayed on the largest pair. All meters are illuminated.

The Master Section of the API 2448 has a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to control and process your signals for both tracking and mixing. This section houses the controls for the Auxiliary Sends, Summing Buses, Solo Bus, Oscillator, Talkback, Control Room monitoring and the Stereo Returns.

Key to the processing and color of your sound are the four Stereo Returns located on the 265C module. To maximize the utility of the Stereo Returns, load the 500 Series modules of your choice for compression, limiting and tone shaping of every description. These modules can be used in pairs in conjunction with the Stereo Returns, or as individually patchable processors. Complement the classic tone of the API mic pre/EQ with even more sonic sculpting!

The optional 529C Stereo Bus Compressor (sold separately) gives the final sheen to your mix, gluing it together to give it a cohesive three-dimensionality. Based on the wildly popular 2500 model, the 529C was the first dual-slot 500 Series module ever made by API, and it finds the perfect home in the 2448. Loaded with 2520 and 2510 discrete op amps, the 529C was designed to provides lots of compression parameters in a tight package. The Old/New option even gives you a choice between old school feed-back compression or new school feed-forward style.


Final Touch is a moving-fader and switch automation system upgrade for the 2448. Final Touch is a cross-platform system that provides moving faders and automated Mute or Insert for all Channels, Stereo Returns and the Program Master, as well as 2 automated Control Group Masters, and MIDI and SMPTE timecode synchronization. A built-in computer and touchscreen provide the interface, and no external computer is required.

  • Reliable, self-contained system requiring no external computer
  • Individual Switch Control on each fader
  • Global Control Panel in the sole Center Section
  • Hi-resolution 7.5″ touchscreen control
  • Files are easily saved to standard SD memory cards
  • Automated Mute and Solo switches on each channel
  • Unlimited Fader Groups with 2 dedicated Group Master Faders
  • Motorized Stereo Program Fader
  • 4 Motorized Stereo Returns
  • DAW control with unity gain audio bypass
  • Unlimited Mix Restore points
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual


  • 24/32/40 Channels of Input, each with EQ & Mic Preamp
  • Optional faders automation
  • 8 Auxiliary Sends Per Channel
  • 8 Summing Buses
  • 4 Stereo Returns
  • 1 Stereo Bus
  • 8 Spaces for additional 500 Series modules

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