Mesanovic ISO Platform – Universal


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Brands: Mesanovic


Mesanovic ISO Platform – Universal

ring the ultimate decoupling and dampening solution for your speaker set up in an industrial grade package. The Iso Platform achieves decoupling by using the speakers weight to specifically load the spring system and achieve a very low natural frequency. An ISODAMP™ sheet on the top plate provides decoupling for mid and high frequencies while dampening the steel structure.

The Iso Platform allows your speakers to achieve maximum performance by removing any vibrations transmitted to your speaker stands, floors, and studio furniture. Unwanted distortion coming from your room is eliminated with the Iso Platform resulting in a clearer and deeper soundstage across the entire frequency spectrum.

The bottom plate of the Iso Platform has two different bolt patterns so that you can mount them to Sound Anchor stands, specifically the ADJ1, ADJ2, and ADJ-27 stands. The Iso Platform can also be placed on any flat surface or floor.