Latch Lake micKing 2200 Booms Chrome


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The Latch Lake micKing 2200 microphone stand is an incredibly stable and reliable platform for mounting your priceless studio mics. A compact, durable, and quality crafted boom stand, the micKing 2200 lets you position large mics at practically any angle, and a Spin Grip mount lets you easily and quickly put mics on and take them off of the stand. The stand includes a moveable counterweight that lets you place it anywhere on the boom end for optimum balance, and the base is specially designed for maxium stability while allowing cables to run underneath the micKing 2200. At a Glance:

  • Mic at any angle, easy on and off
  • Boom Clutch and Lever Locks
  • Innovative, stable base

Mic at any angle, easy on and off A clutch at the end of the micKing boom allows large mics to be positioned at any angle. The Spin Grip mic mount allows for quick “spinning” of mics on and off. Boom Clutch and Lever Locks The micKing uses the incredibly sturdy Boom Clutch. These stands also feature Latch Lake Lever Locks, built-in cord clips, and a latch for the boom angle. (Lever Locks featured throughout for all stand adjustments). A versatile counterweight can be positioned anywhere on boom end for balance or removed for many microphones. Innovative, stable base Latch Lake micKing bases “nest” to save space in use or storage. Ninety percent of the weight is on the outer perimeter for maximum stability, which allows cords to burrow under the base without crushing. Features:

  • Use even the largest studio mics at any angle
  • Precision, heavy-duty construction
  • Two-section boom – 45.5″ – 7’3″ (at full extension, boom reaches up to 14′)
  • Boom Clutch for positive adjustments
  • Lever Locks
  • Sturdy base provides stability while allowing cables to run underneath