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Introducing Overhub

A new Elektron product is being released today! Overhub is the perfect USB hub solution for the modern music studio. Seven USB ports and USB 3.0 technology ensure both great connectivity and support for fast data transfers. Overhub allows simultaneous operation of up to 7 Overbridge devices, it is fully compatible with all types of USB peripherals and it works right out of the box without having to install any drivers. For ultimate USB data transfer performance Overhub features Multi TT technology, warranting highly reliable and efficient merging of multiple USB data streams.

Bags of Fun

The ECC-2 bags are now back in stock! With the sleek new logo printed right where it is supposed to be: In plain view for every envious eye that sees you pass by, making it clear to all that you are safely packing the most  awesome musical gear ever devised. These convenient carry bags fit one tabletop instrument and come bundled with one Protective Lid PL-2 each.

The EGB-1 is available as well. This robust and spacious, yet lightweight gig bag will, likewise, be a source of some serious envy. If you see somebody with this snazzy thing over their shoulder, it means they are packing either an Analog Keys, or up to three tabletop instruments, strapped secure and gently cushioned inside. Lids sold separately.