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The Lineage 8-channel microphone preamplifier provides 8 microphone preamps, each from a different era of Harrison consoles.  Each pair of preamps has their own unique character, providing the recording engineer with several options in a compact 1RU box.


 The front panel provides inputs for channels 1 and 2  (with selector switches)  and controls for each of the 8 mic preamps:

(2) 70-80’s era mic preamps, with pad and 48V switches.

(2) 80-90’s era mic preamps, with pad and 48V switches.

(2) 90-00’s era mic preamps, with pad and 48V switches.

(2) Trion mic preamps, each with pad, 48V, instrument mode, and “FIX” gain preset.

 An innovative addition is the “FIX” button on each of the two Trion preamps.  The “FIX” button engages a preset gain trim (user-adjustable via a trim pot).  The combination of the front-panel input switching and the “FIX” buttons allow you to switch the first two preamps between one use (such as 2 calibrated overhead mics in the studio) and another ( such as a vocal chain setup) without having to re-set the input gain in-between.


The rear panel includes 8 microphone preamp inputs and a DB25 connector carrying the 8 line outputs.  Itnernally, the unit is constructed with a robust power supply, using high-quality components that are assembled and tested at our factory in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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