Grace Design m802 Remote


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Grace Design m802 Remote Control Unit

Grace Designs m802 works beautifully as a stand alone mic preamplifier, the optional m802 Remote Control Unit (RCU) provides fantastic ergonomics and enhanced system control. This updated RCU now offers dedicated individual channel select switches and a new highly visible blue LED numeric display for channel gain settings. The m802 Remote Control Unit (RCU) features the same DATA knob found on the front panel of the preamplifier. As well, most of the control conventions for the preamplifier apply when using the RCU. However, the RCU has additional pushbuttons for direct channel select, page up/down and view and a 3 digit numerical display which indicates the gain level of the currently selected channel. Both the RCU and the m802 now come with a high contrast, easy on the eyes white backlight LCD. The m802 RCU can control up to 8 preamplifiers (64 channels) and can be located up to 1000′ (305 meters) away from the preamplifiers. Using the adapters included with the RCU, standard microphone cable can be used for this interface.