Aphex DUALRPA500


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Aphex Dual RPA 500

The Dual RPA 500 is a two channel, tube mic pre inspired by the popular Channel and 207D preamps. Our Dual RPA 500 features the Aphex patented Mic Limiter technology from the 207D and 1788A that works before the preamp. With the limiter on, it is nearly impossible to clip the input of the preamp.

  • 2-channel high gain RPA tube mic preamp
  • Separate 26dB pad, phase reverse, 75Hz HPE, phantom power for each channel
  • Separate 20 segment LED meters
  • Separate mic limiters for input overload protection

  • Front panel 10Mohm, ¼” inputs for the connection of instruments like guitar and bass. These inputs override the inputs on the rear of the receiving frame when connected.
  • 3-way switches allow the selection of +16, +20 or +24dBu output levels.
  • The 20-segment input meters allow input levels to be easily seen, even from a distance.
  • 65dB of gain to properly operate dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones and a 26dB pad for very loud sources.
  • Illuminated buttons control Phantom Power, Phase Reverse, 75Hz High Pass Filter and Mic Limiter on/off.


Live Performance – One of the reasons that the 207D is so popular for live performance is because of the patented Mic Lim technology featured on each input. This circuit limits transients before the preamp, protecting the preamp from clipping and anything later in the signal path from receiving a clipped signal. The Dual RPA 500’s Mic Lims are perfect for use on snare drum, kick drum or drum kit overhead mics.

Professional Studio Recording – The Dual RPA 500 is a hybrid design, with solid state front end for fast transient response and a tube back end for warmth and gain. It’s the best of both worlds! The ¼” input also makes it easy to run instruments through the mic pre without using a direct box.

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