Aphex CX500 Compressor and Gate


500 Series Aphex Logic-Assisted gate and EasyRider® automatic compressor.

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Aphex CX500 Compressor and Gate

The CX 500 combines the technologies of the Aphex Logic-Assisted gate and EasyRider® automatic compressor. The Logic-Assisted Gate provides reliable, accurate, and stable gate operation. The patented design never false triggers, clicks or chatters. Once triggered, the gate progresses through its attack, hold and release sequence. The CX 500 is designed to have both the compressor and gate work as a seamlessly integrated system. When the Logic-Assisted gate activates, the EasyRider® compressor is prevented from releasing. This avoids the compressor attempting to raise signal level while the gate attempts to reduce it. The gain reduction is frozen until the gate is opened again, avoiding level jumps. A front panel multicoloured LED bar graph meter displays either peak output level or gain reduction.

  • 500 Series module based on Aphex’s acclaimed CX-1 compressor/gate unit
  • Patented EasyRider® compressor
  • Logic-assisted gate
  • Jensen output transformer
  • Multi-function meter for gain reduction, gating and output levels

The gate section, with five controls, is on the left side. It features Threshold, Attack, Hold, Release and Depth. Each parameter knob is labeled with MIN on the far left and MAX on the far right with a set of line marks to indicate the values in between. This encourages engineers to use their ears, rather than specific settings.

  • Threshold: -60dB to +27dB
  • Attack: uSms to 4.5ms
  • Hold: 500uS to 64ms
  • Release: 8ms to 2s
  • Depth: 0dB to 80dB

The classic EasyRider® automatic compressor has been modified for the CX 500. Historically, the EasyRider® had a fixed threshold and a drive control knob to boost the input signal over the threshold. In this new design we’ve left out the drive control and provided a fully adjustable threshold control. The Speed knob controls the Release parameter of the compressor and the Output knob controls the overall output of the module, but ONLY when the compressor is on. If only the gate function is used the module is run at unity gain.

  • Threshold: 0dBu to +20dBu
  • Speed: Fast to Slow (dependent on input signal)
  • Output: -6dB to +20dB
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1 (dependent on Threshold setting and input signal)