Studio Electronics – Boomstar SE80 Analog Synthesizer


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Studio Electronics


Studio Electronics – Boomstar SE80 Analog Synthesizer

Back to the raw power and purity of non-programmable discrete analog, where STUDIO ELECTRONICS started in 1985. The snap and punch of hardware envelopes drive the BOOMSTAR’s brilliant voltage controlled circuits with unparalleled sonic integrity and versatility. BOOMSTAR is the ultimate desktop analog synthesizer for those who remember and desire still, the electronic Analog sound that changed the world, and for seekers who have yet to discover that magic and delight… in their time.
Driven by rapid fire hardware envelope snap, and near Modular sound flexibility (at the flip of any of its 20 toggle switches), the STUDIO ELECTRONICS BOOMSTAR® desktop* synth is a performer and sound designer’s waking dream. The Boomstar foundation: two Oscillators—stackable waveforms with Sub OSC, two Envelopes—invertible, loopable, with ‘drone’ and ‘master’ mode, is accented expressively by hardware XMod and exponential glide, extensive modulation routing, and a flexible software LFO: jacked for heavy lifting and fine-tuned experimentation—even go “off synth” with the external input and color exotic oscillations.
The quick-turn shaft pots along the bottom for the hardware Ring Mod, Noise, Filter Feedback and VCO Levels make vital sonic change intimate, immediate, and indispensable; the adjacent Overdrive switch adds warmth and edge. Thirty one pots insure fluid, intuitive mastery over wide-ranging sweep and subtlety of tone: feather in the changes or whip them suddenly and rhythmically into shape.
Now Six Models Pumped: SE80—the legendary, creamy, multi-mode Yamaha® CS-80, 700—innovative MiniKORG®, 5089—classic Moog® 24dB ladder, 4075—powerfully resonant ARP® 2600, SEM—the original Oberheim® 12dB, 3003—the chirpy, acidic, bouncy Roland® TB-303.
S. E.’s patchable, discrete, through-hole, hand-matched transistor, American-made analog synthesizers are as rugged as they are flexible; inspiring instruments built to last a lifetime, and then some, no matter which brilliant, hand-crafted filter model you choose.


Sturdy steel chassis, 31 pots, 2 rotary switches, 18 toggle switches—15 three way for expanded functionality—AC power triple output desktop adaptor (15, -15 Volt Auto-Switching Supply). Tried and true through-hole technology—not surface mount—for integrity of sound, quality, durability, and serviceability.

Height: 2.05″ (52.07 mm) at front, 3.625″ (92.075 mm) at back, Width: 8.7 ” (220.98 mm), Depth: 7.05″ (179.07 mm).

Sound Generation
All discrete circuity, with the exception of the software LFO. Hand matched transistors in filter and amplifier.

Oscillator 1
6 position rotary range switch; Two center off toggle switches select combinations of sine, triangle, saw and square waveforms; Pulse width for square waveform; Sub oscillator with center off toggle switch for half and full level positions; Sync oscillator 2 to oscillator 1 switch.

Oscillator 2
6 position rotary range switch; Three position toggle switch to select triangle, saw or square waveform; Fine tune pot; Mod depth pot with center off toggle switch to select modulation by envelope 1 or 2; Keyboard tracking on-off switch.

Filter / Envelope 1
Frequency and resonance pots; Center off toggle switch to select half and full keyboard tracking; Envelope mod depth pot; Additional mod depth pot with center off toggle to select modulation by oscillator 2 or the LFO. Envelope 1: Attack, decay, sustain, and release pots; Center off toggle switch to select envelope invert or envelope loop.

Filter Types
5089—classic Moog® 24dB ladder, 4075—classic ARP® 2600; SEM—classic Oberheim® 12dB SEM (full function with LP to HP mix control); 3003—classic Roland® TB-303; 700—classic MiniKorg®; SE80—classic Yamaha® CS-80.

Envelope 2
Attack, decay, sustain, and release pots; Center off toggle switch to select envelope invert or LFO gate trigger; Single or multiple triggering switch; Center off toggle switch to select drone and envelope 1 as master. With master selected, envelope 2 is the modulator for both the amplifier and filter frequency. Envelope 1 remains active for oscillator 2 frequency and oscillator 1 pulse width modulation.

Oscillator 2 mod depth pot with center off toggle switch to select modulation of oscillator 1 pulse width or oscillator 1 frequency.

Rate pot; MIDI sync on-off switch; Waveform pot: sine, triangle, saw up, saw down, square, offset square 1 and 2, random and slew random waveforms; Mod depth pot with center off toggle switch to select oscillator 1 frequency or oscillator 1 pulse width; Mod depth pot with center off toggle switch to select oscillator 2 frequency or oscillator 2 pulse width.

Center off toggle switch to select two levels of overdrive; Volume pot.

Master tune pot.

Bend range pot.

Hardware exponential glide time pot.

(routes MIDI keyboard) Dynamics to filter frequency pot.

Envelope 1 to Pulse Width 1 (ENV1> PW1)
(routes) Envelope 1 to Oscillator 1 pulse width pot.

Mixer – OSC
Oscillator 1 level pot; Oscillator 2 level pot.

Mixer – Ring Mod
Hardware Ring Modulator level pot.

Mixer – Noise
Noise level pot.

Mixer – Feedback
(routes the synth’s output back through the filter) Feedback level pot.

Front Panel Jacks
CV in, Gate in, Filter frequency modulation in, Amplifier modulation in, Oscillator out, External signal in.

Back Panel Jacks
MIDI In, MIDI Out, 1/4″ Audio out, Traveller input (SE80 model only), DC power input.

Back Panel Switches
Learn switch: Selects MIDI channel.

Overflow Switch
For chaining together multiple Boomstars together via MIDI overflow.