Sequential DSM03 Feedback Module


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10HP x 1.45″ Eurorack Tuned Feedback Module with 4-pole Digital (24-bit/96kHz) Lowpass Filter, Noise Generator, and Extensive CV Control

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Sequential DSM03 Feedback Module

The Dave Smith Instruments DSM03 Feedback Module is the third Eurorack device from the legendary synth maker. Based on one of the powerful sound-design elements of the Evolver, Pro 2, and Prophet 12, the DSM03 module uses tuned feedback to totally transform incoming audio. What’s more, you can control every important aspect of the DSM03, allowing you to turn simple oscillators into string machines, add a metallic clang to percussion sounds, beef up bass patches, and pull off all kinds of other sonic stunts.

Dave Smith Instruments DSM03 Eurorack Feedback Module at a Glance:

  • Tuned feedback lets you transform any audio source
  • Powerful lowpass filter offers even more sonic sculpting
  • Advanced CV options expand your effects possibilities

Tuned feedback lets you transform any audio source

Ever since he came up with the Evolver, Dave Smith has been a master of using tuned feedback to take ordinary sounds to new heights. By feeding incoming back on itself, the DSM03 acts as a kind of sympathetic oscillator, complete with its own attack, decay, and intensity. What’s more, you can alter the pitch of the feedback, allowing you to dial in a kind of harmonic string-like effect, and when you plug a gate into the trigger input, you can fire off bursts of noise into the mix. And that’s just the basis of what the DSM03 can do.

Powerful lowpass filter offers even more sonic sculpting

Next, there’s the DSM03’s impressive 4-pole lowpass filter. Sculpted in breathtaking 24-bit/96kHz detail, if we didn’t tell you that this filter was digital, then you’d never assume it was. Not only is the DSM03’s filter delightfully robust, it also offers you an excellent range of resonance for further sound mangling. Between the feedback, the noise generator, and the filtering, you can completely redefine any audio and achieve a kind of Karplus-Strong string synthesis.

Advanced CV options expand your effects possibilities

When you start adding CV to the DSM03, things get really cool. There are individual CV inputs for the feedback amount and tuning, as well as the lowpass filter frequency and resonance. Snag a CV feed from an envelope generator and split the gate to trigger the DSM03’s noise generator, and you have a whole new synth voice right there. Add an LFO to the feedback amount, and you can create weird tremolo-like effect, and there are all kinds of things you can do with the tuning. Simply put, once you add a Dave Smith Instruments DSM03 Feedback Module to your collection, your Eurorack rig will never be the same again.

Dave Smith Instruments DSM03 Feedback Module Features:

  • An extremely versatile Eurorack tuned feedback module
  • Easily create Karplus-Strong string synthesis and other effects
  • Tuned feedback adds sympathetic harmonics to any audio
  • Attack and decay settings let you shape your feedback
  • Control feedback amount and tuning via CV
  • Use gate to trigger a noise generator for added grit
  • 4-pole, 24-bit/96kHz digital lowpass filter onboard
  • CV inputs also available for filter cutoff and resonance
  • Only 10hp wide with 1.54″ (39mm) installed depth