Bock Audio Soundelux U99


Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone.


Bock Audio Soundelux U99

Big, Open Sound!

Offering unmatched warmth and clarity, the Soundelux U99 brings the sonic glory of yesterday to today’s engineer. The classic tube and transformer design provide the timeless sound engineers have been making hits with for years. The U99 features a hand-made European 1″ diameter dual backplate, dual membrane capsule. Each hand-tuned capsule uses 6 micron Mylar™ specially selected for consistent thickness and is sputtered with a unique blend of gold and aluminum for excellent transient response and long life. The backplate design is from the KK67 family. The electronics feature an EF86 tube run as a triode. Soundelux rigorously selects each EF86 for the best distortion, signal handling and noise specifications. The electronics package uses only 12 components, each of the finest quality and tightest tolerances. For the utmost in reliability and sonic purity, the U99 has no internal connectors (direct soldering only), switches or screws on the massive body of nickel, chrome and brass alloy. The electronics have been configured in a zero-feedback arrangement for maximum transient response and absolute phase coherency. This is the most direct and true manner in which to translate sounds from the acoustic to the electronic medium. The high headroom, low noise, and wide bandwidth required by today’s engineers are assured by the circuit design. The unique beefy regulated power supply can deliver up to four times the current required by the mic, to assure years of stable and reliable service.

A note about Soundelux:

Soundelux Microphones is a unique US manufacturer of true “professional level” microphones. Their mission is to restore the availability of the most important vintage microphones of all time without the vintage price and without the high maintenance. Soundelux works to recreate as closely as possible the sonic signatures of the most important vintage microphones, using modern materials and assembly, hand workmanship and a very critical ear. The beauty of Soundelux is that every microphone in the line is designed to work together as a team. The Soundelux line up provides the most important “colors” proven over time to be essential in all quality studio work.

Soundelux U99 Applications:

  • The U99 is an evolution of the famous U95, with improvements in frequency range, dynamic range, and versatility. For vocals, it provides creamy warmth with air, without being annoying in the high frequency region.
  • It gives breathtaking realism to acoustic guitar tracks, as well as acoustic bass. The subtle timbral characteristics of pianos remain preserved, and it brings a new level of power, depth, and sparkle to drum kits and percussion instruments.
  • When used in stereo pairs, orchestras and big bands are recreated with a stunning, spacious soundstage. In ADR and VO use, it is prized for its superiority of articulation and ability to grab dialog without unwanted artifacts.