iConnectivity iConnect30PIN Cable


Inline iOS Connection Cable with 30-pin and USB Type B Connectors – 5 Feet

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IConnectivity 5ft 30pin iOS Inline Connection Cable

From iConnectivity, this 30-pin to USB Inline iOS connection cable is designed to give you the ability to use your older 30-pin iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch as a part of your iConnectMIDI rig. Simply plug into the USB type B ports on the iConnectMIDI2+ or iConnectMIDI4+ and incorporate your favorite synthesizer or sound module app into your performances and recordings. If you miss the sounds from an app that is no longer available but still living on your older iPad, the iConnectivity Inline iOS connection cable will get you reacquainted with all of the fun.

iConnectivity Inline iOS Connection Cable Features:

  • 5 ft 30-ping to USB Type B cable for connecting iOS devices to iConnectMIDI2+ and iConnectMIDI4+