Avalon Design 2077 Silver


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Avalon Design


Avalon Design 2077 Mastering EQ

2-channel, 3-band Solid State Parametric Equalizer

Classic EQ Sound with Modern Engineering

You’ll have a ton of tone-shaping power with the A Designs EM-EQ2 two-channel equalizer. The EM-EQ2 is based on the Pultec-style design of the A Designs EQ-PEQ 500-series EQ module, giving you two bands with both boost and cut controls in the classic Pultec style. Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or mastering, the EM-EQ2 is one of those EQs that just make everything sound better, especially in the lows and mids. And just like a Pultec EQ, you can get some amazing sounds out of the EM-EQ2 by carefully combining a boost and cut at the same frequency. For classic Pultec-style EQ sound that is sure to please, call AWAVE to get the A Designs EM-EQ2 two-channel EQ.

A Designs EM-EQ2 Two-channel Equalizer at a Glance:

  • Classic Pultec design
  • Premium components
  • Workhorse EQ

Classic Pultec designThe A Designs EM-EQ2 gives you the best characteristics of the iconic Pultec EQ – simultaneous boost and cut for every band, super-smooth highs, and rock-solid low frequencies. Your signals will seem more solid and “finished” just by running them through the EM-EQ2. Get creative with the boost and cut controls, and you’ll find sounds that just aren’t possible with traditional EQs.

Premium componentsA Designs doesn’t skimp on the good stuff when it comes to the EM-EQ2. You get a nickel core output transformer, Wima capacitors, and a custom-wound tapped inductor, all chosen to perfectly match the sound of the afore-mentioned EQ-PEQ 500-series EQ. Said another way, A Designs chooses the components for the EM-EQ2 very carefully, just to give you the best classic Pultec sound.

Workhorse EQOnce you hear the A Designs EM-EQ2 in action, you’ll want to use it on everything. Use it as your filtering EQ during tracking. Try it during mixing to boost the high-frequency “air” in your vocal recordings ever so smoothly. You’ll even love it for mastering, for gentle tone shaping or even just warming up digital mixes. Once you put the EM-EQ2 in your rack, you won’t look back.

A Designs EM-EQ2 Two-channel Equalizer Features:

  • Classic Pultec-EQ design with premium components for an amazingly versatile EQ
  • Dual-mono design makes it easy to process a stereo source, or two mono sources separately
  • Incredibly low noise design and performance makes it great for mastering
  • Two-band design with simultaneous boost/cut allows for creative EQ curves
  • Ideal for “warming up” digital tracks
  • Inputs and outputs on balanced XLR connectors

Take your sound to the next level with the A Designs EM-EQ2 two-channel equalizer!

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Number of Bands 3
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 2U
Manufacturer Part Number EM-EQ2