Anamod AM660 Comp


Single space 500 series Fairchild 660 style compressor.

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Anamod AM660 Comp

The Fairchild 660 limiter is arguably one of the most famous and sought-after compressors ever made. The magical way it adds density and dimension to a track or a mix has been demonstrated on many of the best-sounding records made in the last 50 years. The AM660 is a faithful recreation of the classic sound and compression profile of the 660, using the AnaMod™ process to model the complex tube circuitry of the 660 and implement it entirely in the analog domain. Unlike a digital plug-in or processor based outboard gear, there is no latency, and no A/D or D/A conversions to compromise the sound. AM 660 Specifications : Input Impedance: 20KΩ, balanced Output Impedance: less than 50Ω Max. Output Level: +27dBu, balanced Input Gain: -15 to +15 dB Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 40Hz to 15kHz Noise Level: better than 73dB below +4dBu, 0-30kHz Limiting Noises: same level as a vintage 660 with GE five star 6386 tubes and properly balanced Total Harmonic Distortion: level- and compression-dependent Compression Ratio: Variable from 1: 1 to 20:1, level-dependent Time Constants: 1-6 are the classic 660 time constants, 2a and 2b are variations on #2

Position Attack Time Release Time
1 0.2ms 0.3s
2 0.2ms 0.8s
2a 0.2ms 1s
2b 0.2ms 2s
3 0.4ms 2s
4 0.8ms 5s
5 0.4ms Auto, as in 660 #5
6 0.2ms Auto, as in 660 #6